What's the first step to becoming a tennis player?
New players should find a program that will help them in the early stages of learning to play. Teaching pros make learning to play fun and research shows that you are three times more likely to enjoy tennis if you are part of a new player program rather than just trying to learn to play tennis by yourself. That's why Tennis Welcome Centers like ours, throughout America, were sestablished to help you "learn to play tennis... fast!"

How much time will it take to learn?
Teaching pros say they can have you hitting back and forth steadily in two hours. For most, a four-week group program taught by a pro should put you on the fast track to success.

What equipment do I need?
Like that other popular world game, soccer, tennis is the most basic of sports—you need a racquet and a can of balls. And it doesn't have to cost much. Racquets can be purchased for under $40 for kids, and balls shouldn't run you more than $4 a can. Most Tennis Welcome Centers will have loaner racquets that you can use for your first few lessons.

Can I get a good workout?
Want flat abs, chiseled legs and a hard body? Tennis will help you get them. The abdominal muscles and legs are involved in every stroke in the game. Want to burn calories? For the average person, an hour of tennis will burn 493 of them. An hour on a stationary bike will burn 387. Which one sounds like more fun?

Is there a charge to be in a Tennis Welcome Center program?
Yes, but, you will find the cost to be very reasonable. You will be part of a multi-session course, taught by a professional, where you will learn how to play tennis... and also meet some new friends.

Can my spouse/friend and I learn together?
Absolutely, tennis is one of the few spots where men and women can play together. Virtually all entry level tennis programs are co-ed.

What about my kids? Can they get into these programs?
Yes, we offer programs for both kids and adults.

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